Cheating Spouses / Infidelity Investigations

Cheating Spouses are unfortunate, but very common. Is your spouse coming home late, taking phone calls outside, telling stories that just don’t add up, or are just overall disconnected from you and your family? These are just some of the tell-tale things that you may notice.

If you are looking for peace of mind, you can get it with the SSG. We can surveil your spouse throughout the day or night. We use cameras with high power zoom lenses from vehicles and covert cameras to film inside restaurants and hotels. Let’s put an end to the uncertainty and suspicion! This can give you the information you need to regain control over your marital matters.

We offer services in this area and:

  • Identity Verification (Verify who they are)
  • Possible Marriage / Divorce
  • Domestic Violence / Restraining Orders
  • Background Checks / Investigations
  • On-line Stalking / Harassment


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